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Focused Financial Solutions is a personal financial planning firm that works with people from all walks of life to accumulate and preserve wealth for a confident retirement. Focused Financial Solutions is an independent financial services company. That means we can at all times maintain objectivity and offer the very best products and services available anywhere in an ever-changing financial services environment. Whether you are just getting started or already in retirement, we can help.

Our financial planning encompasses more than people who have accumulated some assets and want a personal plan with wealth growth opportunities. We’ll also help you plan for the unexpected transitions that you may face in retirement – unforeseen disasters that can derail an otherwise solid financial plan or even virtually wipe out your retirement nest egg. For more information go directly to our Financial Literacy page.

If you are looking for information on company retirement plans — 401(k), 403(b), Cash Balance Plans, etc. — you may want to go directly to our Company Retirement Plans page.

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What We Can Do For You..

When it comes to personal financial planning, there simply is no “one-size-fits-all” solution. Working with financial product and services companies that are among the best in the entire world, and with strategic partners that share our belief that protection is job #1, we work with you to define your personal vision for retirement and help you prepare for it with confidence.

Managing your money wisely means being knowledgeable about your options and making informed choices. At Focused Financial Solutions, we educate our clients so that they can take charge of their financial lives. Using the ABC’s of Conservative Investing planning process, we teach you how you can mitigate risk, ensure you will not outlast your money, and enjoy a higher standard of living in retirement.

When can you afford to retire? How much can you spend each year without “drawing down” your savings? How do you manage your assets once you are retired? We can provide you with powerful, yet straightforward answers to these questions.

Financial Recovery and..

Until recently people were able to track the rate of return on their money. Now their biggest concern may be:

  • How do I gain back the money I lost?
  • How do I not lose the money I currently have?
  • Is there a way I can avoid losses in the future?
  • How can I make sure I don’t outlive my money?

We help our clients build wealth through financial strategies that safely and predictably increase money that is sitting dormant, underperforming, or just plain being lost in 401(k)s, IRAs, other Retirement Accounts and other financial assets.

Whatever your stage in your financial life, please peruse our site at your leisure. Then give us a call at (303) 346-2285 or email, Info@FocusedFinancialSolutions.com. The bottom line is…we can help.

Thank you! We look forward to hearing from you.

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